HC series parallel shaft heavy duty industrial gear unit

Type and specification:
Stage: 1~4 stage, Type size: 03~26
Main Parameter: 
Ratio: 1.25~450 
Output torque: 0.8~470kNm 
Motor power: 2.8~4823kw 
Installation Form: Horizontal, Vertical, Shaft installation and shrink disk installation 

Product features: 
1. HC series gearbox is a parallel shaft heavy load industrial gearbox designed as hard teethface helical gear. The period of designing and manufacturing are shorter because of the blocking design. 
2. The feature is compact construction, steady running. It can bear huge road of industry, insteaded of early international standard gearbox. 
3. The material of gears is 20CrMnTi alloy steel and the hardness can reach to HRC58°~ 62° after tempering , cementiting, quenching etc. heat treatment. All the gears are processed by accurate grinding and the precision by accurate grinding and the precision can reach to grade 6~5. 
4. The products have been mainly used in heavy industrial fields, such as mine, petrochemical, electric power, 
metallurgy etc.

Shaft model: 

Remark: 1. the "→" means the input direction of drive shaft of the working machinery.
2. E,F for special models.

The weight of main unit:

Model HC1-01 HC1-03 HC1-05 HC1-07 HC1-09 HC1-11 HC1-13 HC1-15 HC1-17 HC1-19


55 128 302 547 862 1515 2395 3200 4250 5800
Model HC2-03 HC2-04 HC2-05 HC2-06 HC2-07 HC2-08 HC2-09 HC2-10 HC2-11 HC2-12
115 190 300 355 505 590 830 960 1335 1615
Model HC2-13 HC2-14 HC2-15 HC2-16 HC2-17 HC2-18 HC2-19 HC2-20 HC2-21 HC2-22
1880 2430 3240 3465 4420 4870 5000 6150 6950 7550
Model     HC3-05 HC3-06 HC3-07 HC3-08 HC3-09 HC3-10 HC3-11 HC3-12
    320 365 540 625 875 1020 1400 1675
Model HC3-13 HC3-14 HC3-15 HC3-16 HC3-17 HC3-18 HC3-19 HC3-20 HC3-21 HC3-22
2155 2490 3260 3625 4250 4740 4750 6250 6550 7050
Model         HC4-07 HC4-08 HC4-09 HC4-10 HC4-11 HC4-12
        550 645 875 1010 1460 1725
Model HC4-13 HC4-14 HC4-15 HC4-16 HC4-17 HC4-18 HC4-19 HC4-20 HC4-21 HC4-22
2270 2600 3440 3740 4445 4915 5300 5950 7250 7750
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